Taking the "Unknown" Out of Buying a Home

We are southern California's premier home inspection group!   Providing thorough and detailed home inspections throughout Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Come see why we are the best!

About Us

We pride ourselves being able to perform a thorough inspection without scaring away the buyer.

Every home will have issues, but it's how those issues are explained to the potential buyer that makes the difference. By explaining not only what the problem is, but also what caused it, how it can be repaired, as well as prevented in the future, the buyer is better prepared to make an informed decision on a new home. 

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Why Work With Us

Here are some of the reasons and benefits of working with us

All Inspections Booked within 1-3 days. Guaranteed.

With shorter and shorter contingency times, we understand that we need to evolve to the market with you. 

Same Day Reports

Each report will be sent to your and your clients that same day. Usually within 1-3 hours after your inspection.

We Don't Scare Buyers

We all come from a construction background and understand that every home will have issues. Its our job to explain items the right way, everytime. 



Pre-purchase Home Inspection

The biggest investment of your life deserves a thorough analysis by a Certified Inspector with the knowledge and experience to back it up.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Know what potential issues could exist in your current home before you list it for sale. Knowing about these issues, and possibly having them corrected before hand, could save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Sewer Scope

We recommend all homes get sewer line inspections, especially those homes built before 1975 . Older homes built with cast iron sewer lines may have costly hidden issues that can only be discovered by an line camera inspection. 

Home Warranty Inspection

Is your home warranty about to expire? Why not get an inspection before hand, so you can identify any issues that may still be covered by your home warranty, whether from the original builder or purchased separately on an existing home.

Repair Cost Estimates

We have partnered with The Qwik Fix estimators to provide buyers with detailed estimates on the items that we find in the inspection report.  This can help buyers in the negotiation process or just help in making an informed decision on the home they are purchasing.   

Swimming Pool and Spa Inspection

We are certified to iprovide a thorough inspection of swimming pools and spas , insuring that all equipment is functional, while also inspectiong the safety features, or lack thereof, the electrical system and the sanitizing system.  

Our Team

No Matter the Size, Age or Condition of the Home,

We've GotYou Covered!

Jerry Stonger

Founder and CEO

Certified Home Inspector

Over 11 years Experience and 4,000 Homes Inspected

Graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a Degree in Construction Management

Licensed General Contractor For 24 Years

Over 35 Years of Residential Construction Experience

Expert Witness for Construction Litigation 

Expert at Identifying Construction Related Issues Throughout the Home. 

Chris Gilbert

Certified Home Inspector

Chris grew up In La Mirada, CA.  He brings 19 years of heating and air service and sales exoerience, plus 8 years as a flooring contractor. As a result, Chris has impeccable customer service skills which puts buyers at ease when reviewing the items found during a home inspection. 

Matt Garcia

Certified Home Inspector

Matt grew up in Laguna Niguel, CA atteding Dana Hills high school and Saddlback College. He brings 9 years of residential construction and concrete restoration experience plus his own home inspection certification. Matt is very customer service oriented and is constantly given 5 star reviews. His ability to calm buyer's fears is second to none. 

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We are available 7 days a week and typically can schedule within 24 hours!