Services Offered

*Pre-purchase Home inspection

The biggest investment of your life deserves a thorough analysis by a Certified Inspector with the knowledge and experience to back it up.

*Pre-sale Home Inspection-

Know what potential issues could exist in your current home before you list it for sale. Having these issues corrected before hand could save you a lot of time and money in the future.

*Construction Observation reports-

Is the sale or purchase of a home held up by a lender asking to have a general contractor review an unpermitted addition or modification? You've come to the right place. As a licensed contractor, I can inspect the property and provide a written report to satisfy most lenders underwriters, usually within 24 hours.

*Repair Budget Development-

As a General Contractor, I can quickly develop a repair and/or remodeling budget for you on any potential new home. This can be used to help you make a final decision on a new home or in negotiating with the seller. I offer this service even if I don't perform your home inspection. Fee is based on the number of items to be estimated. Discount applicable for homes I inspect.

*Home Warranty inspection -

Is your home warranty about to expire? Why not get an inspection before hand, so you can identify any issues that may still be covered by your home warranty, whether from the original builder or purchased separately on an existing home.

*Destructive Testing-

Careful demoltion around building issues to help identify the cause and solution for each problem.

Expert Witness Testimony-

Able to act as a professional witness in litigation cases involving building issues.

Building Problem Solutions-

Able to identify the cause of most building problems and quickly develop a repair plan

Water Intrusion Investigation-

aAble to trace and identify the source of water intrusion into a home whether it be around doors, windows, roofs, balconies, or a combination of areas.

Many floods and leaks are cleaned up and put back together without identifying where the water came from in the first place, which leaves the homeowner open to additional problems in the future.

*Video Sewer Line Inspections also available.